AFRDI Green Tick Product Certification

Adopting sustainability as a working philosophy is also practical; commercial furniture manufacturers more and more must conform to ‘green’ specifications and tender requirements in both the commercial and government sectors. Non-compliance means that, in time, they may potentially be excluded from much of the marketplace.

As a way to address these concerns AFRDI has developed a sustainability certification program solely for the furniture industry known as AFRDI Green Tick, and therein lies special credibility. AFRDI Green Tick Certification confirms to purchasers, specifiers, architects, builders and designers that a piece of furniture meets a robust yet realistic level of sustainability requirements.

To be awarded AFRDI Green Tick Certification a product must be shown to meet the requirements of AFRDI Standard 150:2012 Sustainability Standard – Commercial Furniture at either the Silver, Gold, or Platinum Level. Since AFRDI 150 incorporates the use of a points-based assessment there is some choice as to what requirements a product must be shown to meet. However, there are still base level (mandatory) requirements that all products must meet regardless of the level they wish to achieve.

AFRDI Green Tick is a Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) recognised product certification scheme. AFRDI Green Tick certification corresponds with furniture and assemblies Material Calculators and Fitout Calculators in Green Star rating tools (Chairs, Tables, Workstations, Storage, Joinery and Loose Furniture). AFRDI 150’s three levels of certification are recognised by the GBCA as follows:

AFRDI Green Tick Level C/Silver – GBCA Level B recognition;
AFRDI Green Tick Level B/Gold – GBCA Level A recognition; and
AFRDI Green Tick Level A/Platinum – GBCA Level A recognition.

These claims can be verified on the GBCA website.

AFRDI Green Tick certified product is also deemed compliant with the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Formaldehyde Minimisation credits in Green Star rating tools. Furthermore, Green Star New Zealand recognises and rewards the specification and inclusion of AFRDI Green Tick certified products through specific Materials Credits.

You will find AFRDI’s prices quite reasonable and there are no royalty fees based on the amount of AFRDI certified product sold.

The requirements of AFRDI 150 are outlined in the AFRDI 150 assessment questionnaire, which is available on request at no charge.

Further information on the AFRDI Green Tick Certification process is contained in the “Information Kit on AFRDI Green Tick Sustainability Assessments”, which is available for download.

Note: The previously recognised June 2011 and September 2011 versions of the standard were replaced in March 2012. Products certified to either of these older versions of the standard will continue to be rewarded until the expiry date of the certificate.