In 2011, AFRDI launched Rated Load Standard 142 for office chairs. The Standard covers single and multi-shift use for 135 kg and 160 kg. Demand for Rated Load certification has been strong.

Due to numerous requests, AFRDI has now expanded AFRDI 142 to cover 185 kg users.

The new 2023 Rated Load Standard and associated AFRDI Blue Tick Rated Load certification has now been released.

The key changes are:

  • The addition of a new test level designed for people up to 185 kg
  • Drafting chairs are now included

All new testing and product recertifications will be based on the 2023 edition.

Existing customers looking to recertify products need have no cause for concern – the 135 kg and 160 kg levels of the 2023 edition are no more severe than the equivalent levels of the previous edition of the standard.

All current certifications remain valid until their expiry dates.

Contact us direct with any enquiries.

Standard update – July 2023