Humanscale’s newly-launched “Path Task Chair” has become the first chair in Australia, with fabric covering included, to be awarded Platinum Level certification by AFRDI, the highest level in the Green Tick program.

The fabric component of Path, a key factor in the chair achieving this certification first, is 3D FormSense Eco Knit™ made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, with yarn derived from upcycled plastic bottles.

“We are particularly proud of the textiles we were able to develop for Path” said Ross Kulick, Humanscale’s Sustainability Compliance Specialist.

As part of the AFRDI Green Tick assessment process, Humanscale also provided evidence of substantial testing that proved the durability of their coverings under high-use conditions.

“The fact that Humanscale had already taken the initiative to source sustainable and ethical textile options and had testing documents at hand to support this effort, made for a very quick assessment turn-around” said AFRDI.

AFRDI Standard 150 has long been recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia as a contributing pre-rating scheme for furniture items. It is currently undergoing revision and the new draft will include revised and expanded requirements for fabrics.

AFRDI is pleased Humanscale have included fabric in their assessment and trust that it will kick-off a trend for many to follow.

September 2023